In accordance with the Education Law of Azerbaijan Republic, the provisions of "National Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan", the requirements of the existing normative legal documents, the main areas of activity in the field of pre-school education are as follows:
- To participate in the creation of normative-legal base providing the activity of pre-school education system and its development;
- To provide control over the implementation of the State programs in different directions related to the development of preschool education;
- To control the quality of the educational process, the implementation of education legislation; compliance with state standards of preschool education;
- According to the legislation, to implement control over the application of democratic governance in preschool education system together with the local executive authorities;
- To achieve updating of the content of pre-school education. 
In accordance with the above-mentioned areas of activity, the main functions of pre-school education sector are:
- Preparation of proposals on preschool education issues, including drafts of normative-legal documents and submission to the Ministry;
- Preparation of proposals on the improvement of preschool education;
- Implementation of educational-methodical management for all preschool education institutions regardless of their organizational-legal form and type of ownership;
- Supporting the measures carried out for the protection and development of the network of preschool education institutions;
- Ensuring the organization of school readiness in preschool education institutions, relevant structures of secondary schools and short-term training groups;
- Providing the application of curriculum on pre-school education in all preschool education institutions of the country;
- Preparation of national content standards on preschool education.