Scientific and scientific-methodical magazines as well as 1 electronic and 2 international scientific magazines functioning in The Ministry of Education, play important role in publication of the outcomes of scientific-research works and deliver in scientific public as well as dissemination of new methods and pedagogical technologies. The Ministry of Education organized more 2 magazines- “Currriculum” and “Young Talant” in recent years. 
Most of the magazines publishing in the univesities, are recognized by Higher Attestation Commission under The President of Azerbaijan Republic.   
List of scientific magazines operated at the system
of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic
and recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission.

International magazines

1. Applied and computational mathematics ANAS, Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies, BSU – Institute of Applied Mathematics
2. Mechanics and mechanical engineering magazine Azerbaijan Technical University

Scientific magazines of the Republic

1. News of Baku State University  
2. Scientific magazine of Theology faculty of BSU  
3. History and its problems BSU
4. Psychology magazine BSU
5. Language and literature BSU
6. Issues of Folklore BSU
7. International Law and integration problems BSU
8. News of Azerbaijan Higher Technical Schools ASOA
9. “Geotechnical problems of Oil, Gas, and Chemistry” Science articles of Scientific Research Institute  
10. Science articles of Azerbaijan Technical University  
11. Science articles of Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University  
12. “Economic sciences: theory and practice” Azerbaijan State Economic University  
13. News of Pedagogical University  
14. History, human and society Baku Skill Improvement and Retraining Institute of Pedagogical Cadres
15. Onomastics (scientific- onomastics journal) ASPU
16. Science News of Azerbaijan University of Languages  
17. Science articles of Baku Slavic University  
18. Actual problems of study of humanities sciences BSU
19. Actual problems of international relations BSU
20. Tagiyev’s readings BSU
21. Mutarjim BSU
22. “World Culture” Scientific theoretical magazine Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art
23. Science News of Sumgait State University  
24. Science News of Nakhchivan State University  
25. Science News of Azerbaijan University of Technology  
26. Science News of Ganja State University  
27. News of Azerbaijan Institute of Teachers  
28. News of Nakhchivan Institute of Teachers  
29. Science articles of Institute of Educational Problems of the Azerbaijan Republic  
30. Azerbaijani school Ministry of Education
31. Azerbaijani language and literature teaching Ministry of Education
32. Primary school and preschool education Ministry of Education, IEPAR
33. Chemistry at school Ministry of Education, IEPAR
34. Physics, mathematics and information science teaching Ministry of Education, IEPAR
35. Russian language and literature in Azerbaijan Ministry of Education, BSU
36. Harmony Electronic magazine of Baku Music Academy

Joint science magazines

1. “Ecology and water industry” scientific-technical and industrial magazine AACU, ASRHE and Science-Production Association,  Environment and Water Industry Scientific Research Institute, Water Canal Scientific Research and Project Institute
2. “Music world” Union of Composers, Baku Music Academy
3. “State and Law” Azerbaijan International University and Baku State University
4. “Urbanism” Azerbaijan State Architecture and Construction University, Azerbaijan Urban Society