In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law on Education and the Law on Civil Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Development Concept “Azerbaijan 2020: Vision of the Future” and the "National Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan", the main areas of activity of higher education and science are as follows:
- To participate in the process of formation of state policy on higher education;
- To participate in the preparation and implementation of the concept of development of the higher education system, to coordinate and control the implementation of these concepts by higher education institutions and their scientific structures within the scope of their authority;
Close cooperation is carried out with various Ministries and agencies, non-governmental and international organizations in order to fulfill obligations under areas of activity.
The main tasks in the field of higher education:
- To create the necessary conditions required to meet the requirements of state and society for highly qualified specialists, to implement a unified state policy in the training process of personnel with higher education in higher education institutions of the Republic, regardless of their subordination and ownership form, and to provide control over the compliance of education with the legislation and state standards.
- To establish a legal and regulatory framework providing the activity and functions of higher education system;
- To organize the preparation and approval of education programs in accordance with the requirements of state standards and programs.
- To provide control over the implementation of credit system in higher education institutions.
- To participate in the preparation and implementation of state programs and projects in the field of higher education together with the relevant Ministries and other bodies.
- To determine the main directions of higher education and to take measures to improve the quality of training of specialists by taking into account modern demands of economy, science, technology, culture and art.
- To predict a demand for higher education institutions in the country and to prepare proposals on rationalization of the network of education institutions.
- To provide control over the organization of teaching and the quality of education in higher education institutions by monitoring.
As a result of the implementation of the following functions, the regulation of activities in the field of higher education is provided:
- To prepare education programs in accordance with the "State standard and program" document and to submit them for approval.
- To prepare proposals on the admission of students to higher education institutions
- To conduct analysis and monitoring in the field of higher education
- Learning, summarizing and disseminating advanced experience in the field of higher education
- To identify the criteria for assessing the knowledge of students in higher education institutions and to provide control over the implementation of credit system.
Application of two-round education (bachelor and master) started on 80 directions in 23 universities under more than specialties. Fundamental changes and renovations have been performed in content of bachelor education in previous years. So, existing rules have been developed, standards and education programs hav been created according to world education system, application of credit system has ben completed. Legislative base on bacheloir degree of higher education are developmed in accordance with “State Strategy under development of education in Azerbaijan republic” approved by Order dated 24.10.2013 of The President of Azerbaijan Republic and Law of Azerbaijan Republic “About education’ approved in 2009.   
After first graduation on bachelor level of higher education in 1997, according to consent of Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic, permission was given to transfer in second- master level of higher education in 23 state, 9 private higher establishments of our country by Order No. 412 ated 17.06.1997, student admission have been organized in 23 of them. 
Admission to master degree has been performed by the universities till 2005. According to “Regulaitons about State Student Admission Commission of Azerbaijan Republic” approved by Decree No. 219 dated 06.04.2005 of The President of Azerbaija Republic, admission in master degree is implemented by SSAC.
Master preparation is implemented in most of universities of our Republic. Personnel training is implemented under analyze of residency in the universities where doctor training performed since 2013.