In accordance with the relevant provisions on "Education law", as well as the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan "on Civil Service", Development Concept of "Azerbaijan 2020: vision of the future" and the "State Strategy on the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan " the main purposes of activities in the field of human resources has the following objectives:


-  to participate in the formation of personnel policy in the education system;

- to regulate the work set in the area of an additional education directions;

- training in the field of human resources management agencies and educational institutions to carry out the general  management of the implementation of the existing legislation;

In order to fulfill the commitments on the above-mentioned activities, cooperation is carried out with different organizations, non-governmental agencies and international organizations.

The main tasks of the organization of human resources: 


- the formulation of priority areas of personnel management and implementation of the necessary measures in this direction, respectively;

- identification of the real requirements of qualified personnel, including a teaching staff in the education  system, and provide them with support in getting jobs;

- the organization and continuous improvement of the arrangements for implementation of mechanisms to regulate the recruitment of personnel in the educational institutions;

- regulation of the implementation of re-training education in case of need for serious professions, ensure the development and preparation of regulatory and guidance documents relevant to the area of an additional education, ensuring the achievement of their approval and fulfillment of other obligations; 


Due to realization of the following functions adjusting of activity of human resources is provided:


- implementation of commitments of the Ministry on personnel policy and strategy;

- determine the priorities of increasing the level of professionalism and personnel management and participation in the formation of the personnel policy;

- identification of real demand for qualifying personnel as well as for teaching staff in education system, and adjusting of providing them with workplaces;

- coordination and regulation of activities in the field of continuing education and professional development through continuing education of teachers, as well as the heads of all categories;

- coordination and regulation of activities in the field of continuing education and professional development through continuing education of teachers, as well as the heads of all categories;

- organization of work in planning, management and quality development activities in areas of additional education.  




Issue on creation of new system that ensure constant development of proffiency’ level of the educators, implementation of the meassures for provision of rural vilage schools with pedagogical personnel, stimulation of career development and activity of the teachers, as well as development of applied new mechanisms in accordance with international practice on the sphere of recruitment of pedagogical personnel, are mentioned among priority targets in State Strategy under development of education in Azerbaijan Republic and development conception “Azerbaijan 2020: Future Vision”.    

By purpose to provide mentioned regulations and meet requirement of “Implementation of the examinations under centralized and transparent bases for recruitment of the teachers in declared vacant positions” envisaged in Item 21.5 of “National Activity Plan for 2012-2015 on sttrugle against corruption” approved by Order of The President of Azerbaijan Republic dated September 5, 2012, new rules under “Recruitment and replacement of pedagogical personnel, determination of requirement for the teachers in vocational and secondary schools that are included in The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic” by Order No 445, dated 21.04.2014 of The Minister of Azerbaijan Republic. 

 In order to provide transperancy and fairness principle in the process of recruitment of the teachers in the establishments that are included in The Ministry of Education.

 By purpose to stimulate teacher activity, according to Decision No. 356, dated 27.12.2013 of Cabinet of The Ministries of Azerbaijan Republic, upper limit of lesson burden of pedagogical employees working at the seondary schools has been increased from 24 hours to 36 hours. This decision led to development of material condition of the teachers, preventing of creation of less hour vacancies inthe secondary schools as well as optimization of teacher-student ratio. In order to stimulate commencement of activity of youth who graduated higher and secondary educational institutions under pedagogical profile as well as provision of rural village schools with pedhagogical personnel, Additional concessions and stimulative actions for young specialists who strated their function in rural village schools are envisaged in the document approved by Decision No 67 dated 14.04.2010 of Cabinet of Ministers.

                Thousands of young continue their pedagogical activities in the regions through benefiting incentive actions every year. Effective activity is being implemented for provision of long-life learining right of the citizens and constant development of profficency level of educators.

 Important mechanisms like re-training and improvement of professional skills are determined in the rules approved by Decision No 163 dated 06.09.2010 of Cabinet of Ministers. Hundreds of pedagogical employees are involved in re-training and improvement of professional skills, they achieve adaptation of their skills and abilities to modern requirements.