In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Law on Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Development Concept “Azerbaijan 2020: Vision of the Future” and the "National Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan", the main areas of activity of the Teaching Resources Department are as follows:
- To give the education materials, used in all education institutions operating in the country, the right to publish (griffin) under current rules, regardless of their type, subordination and the form of ownership;
- To organize the expertise, assessment and approval of a set of textbooks, prepared for publication in accordance with existing legislation on the basis of "State standards and programs (curricula) of general education level" and to provide control over the printing process;
- To participate in the creation of competency-based and personality-oriented educational content and the implementation of the textbook policy in the country.
The Department implements the following functions in accordance with its areas of activity:
- To prepare proposals on the compliance of programs, textbooks, teaching aids and other educational resources, submitted for publication in different stages and levels of education, with state education standards;
- In accordance with the current rules, to prepare proposals on the list, edition, size and printing format of textbook (sets of textbooks) for general education institutions, as well as to participate in the process of organizing the tendering procedure for the creation of textbooks;
- To organize the distribution of published textbooks for secondary schools and to provide control over the delivery of textbooks to education institutions on the basis of this distribution, the establishment, preservation and maintaining the records of the "library-textbook" fund in schools;
- In accordance with the State Strategy on the Development of Education, the  implementation of appropriate measures in order to prepare electronic resources on general education level.
The Department closely cooperates with various government agencies and non-governmental organizations in order to implement the above-mentioned areas of activity and functions and to organize the work. As a result of the implementation of the following functions, the regulation of activities in the field of teaching resources is provided:
- To prepare proposals on scientific research for the determination of the content of general education, the renewal and improvement of curricula;
- To take measures to organize training courses on textbook authorship, to compile textbooks and to investigate the conceptual issues of their assessment;
- To regularly update the necessary information in the "Textbook" portal;
- To participate in discussions on monitoring of a set of textbooks, to implement systematic measures for improving the quality of their content and polygraphic performance, to take into account the opinions and suggestions put forward during the publication.