Actions in general education phase, are established in accordance with the requirements of other normative documents and Regulations about The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic, relevant decree, decision and the orders, Law of Azerbaijan Republic “About education”, Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic.
Transparency and democratization of management in seconary education system, independence of local education management bodies, secondary education estabishments, creation of creative and initiative-making environment directed on education’ quality in training-education centers, formation of execituve discipline and responsibility culture, are considered as core development priorities.
Psychological service ortganized in general education establishments, plays role of important means in detection of talanted child and youth and development of their potential abilities,
Transformation of pedagogical process into “teacher-pupil” cooperation, promotion of foremost practice samples, support of the innovations, colloboration with NGO’s, improvement of secondary education infrastructure, strengthening of education-material base, are always focused.
According to the requirements of modern time, transition from “Memory” school to “Thinking”school in secondary education system, provision of personality-orientation of education, development of general education quality, preparation and effective application of the curriculums based on foremost world practice, development of professionalism’ level of school’ directors, the teachers, preparation of young generation to independent life and citizen’ education, keeping principal position in eliminiation of existing faults, are one of important objectives before general education system. 
Teaching is performed in Azerbaijan, russian and georgian languages in secondary schools of Azerbaijan Republic, teaching of the languages of the minorties, is ensured. Lyseum and the gymnasiums network where talanted children are involved, are functioning.
Consecutive actions are performed in implementation of compulsory general education, establishment of new type education establishments for talanted pupils, implementation of reform-oriented actions, adaptation of general education conten to international standards, preparation and realization of innovative education project.
Organization of learning trainings for the employees on the sphere of general education, workshop and scientific-practical conferences, creation of education relations with international and local public organizations, rapidly grows.
Issues like performance of the actions envisaged in execution plan under “Curriculum reform” sub-component within framework of TSIL, the objectives derived from the requirements of “State Strategy” document under development of education, amplification of olympic movement which surrounds fundamental subjects, preparation of perfect teaching plan and the programs, analyze of student admission’ outcomes to graduate and the universities and preparation of relevant proposals, development of legislative base on the sphere of general education, provision of participation of our country’ teams in world olympiades and other such kind of issues, are paid special attention.